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    ingilizce Telaffuzunuzu Geliştirmek için 7 Harika Site

    Türkçe seslere alışan birisi için ingilizce sesleri telaffuz etmek zor iş. Uzunca bir süre o seslere maruz kalmak ve pratik yapmak gerek. Etrafınızda anadili ingilizce olan arkadaşlarınız yoksa, işte bu listede verilen 7 site işleri kolaylaştırıyor.

    1. MyEnglishTeacher.eu
    To become perfect in pronunciation, it is very important to not only listen to the words, but also to practise pronouncing them by yourself. In our Skype lessons, you first listen to the native teacher and then pronounce the words yourself. You are memorizing the meanings of the words, how to use them in different situations/sentences and learning how to pronounce them correctly at the same time. This way you will never forget a word you have already memorized.
    It is the most effective practice you can ever get.
    myenglishteacher online english lessons

    2. Rachel’s English
    My favorite website, because Rachel made it so easy to understand how you should pronounce the American words. She uses videos to show and explain you how to sound like a native.
    rachels english

    3. Anglo-Link
    Very similar to Rachel’s English website, Minoo Short creates useful video lessons for you to improve your British pronunciation.
    anglo link

    4. English Pronunciation Lab
    Videos created by Heather Hansen are very very interesting to watch. She not only helps you improve your pronunciation, but also gives some great tips to overcome your fear.
    English Pronunciation Lab

    5. Saundz
    Saundz is an app that enables you to practice American English pronunciation. The English pronunciation lessons start from the simple sounds and show you how you can combine them into words. The app is available for iOS and Windows.

    6. English Fun Cast
    Our friend, Ron’s really FUN cast will always bring some sunshine into your life simply because Ron speaks with a really fun accent. Sorry Ron, but it is your trademark. :)

    7. EslPod
    Everyone’s favorite podcast. The deal here is simple: if you listen to it a lot, you will hear the same words repeatedly, and after a while will memorize how to pronounce them. You can find here as many topics as you want.
    Do you know other useful websites? Share them with us!

    Daha fazla kaynak için:  http://www.myenglishteacher.eu/
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